Ruth is the parent of Janney, Deal, and Wilson graduates. Ruth was elected as the Ward 3 Representative to the DC State Board of Education in 2014.  She is a parent, public school activist, education reformer and policy wonk, and 35-year resident of DC.

On the Board, she has fought for high academic standards; independent data and research to better inform decision making; giving school communities greater discretion over their school budgets; the proper use of funds targeted for at-risk students; and a curriculum rich in social studies, science, and arts—not one narrowed to just the tested subjects of reading and math.

Since then, she has used her bully pulpit to advocate for solutions to Ward 3 school overcrowding and for fair, predictable, transparent funding for Wilson High School, whose budget has repeatedly and wrongly been cut back.

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Watch! Ward 3 SBOE Candidate Forum from October 15, 2018

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DCPS Parents Support Ruth Wattenberg

“We support Ruth Wattenberg for re-election as Ward 3’s representative to the DC State Board of Education.  Ruth has fought for Ward 3 schools—for solutions to overcrowding, for adequate, predictable school budgets, for a rich curriculum, not narrowed to just reading and math, and for giving school communities greater discretion over their school budgets.  She is accessible and she keeps us informed. She understands, as we do, that schools in Ward 3 can’t survive as islands of excellence.” 


"Ruth is a tireless and incredibly knowledgeable advocate for public education in Ward 3. As our State Board of Education representative, she has fought to improve educational outcomes for our children, and for children across the city. Year after year, she has worked diligently to address budget and crowding issues at Wilson and other Ward 3 schools. Every step of the way, Ruth is our community’s partner and advocate." ~ Karin Perkins, Former LSAT Chair, Wilson (2017-18) and Deal (2014-15)


"Ruth Wattenberg is an advocate for kids; all of our kids. She is part of the conversations around the District that impact the everyday lives of our children or the long term discussions that will impact them in the future. You might see Ruth at a City Council Meeting, or at your local ANC meeting, or at a your school’s parent group meeting. Ruth asks hard questions of our city leaders around topics such as school budget, accountability, accessibility, and over crowding. I look forward to seeing Ruth Wattenberg on the School Board for the next term and years to come."~ Abigail Paulsen, Former PTO Chair, Hardy Middle School; Parent, Mann Elementary and Wilson High School


“Ruth is an education advocate who never compromises on the best interest of our kids. She has been a leader on the State Board of Education from day one. Few officials in the city engage parents and keep constituents informed the way Ruth does. I am proud to support her re-election.” ~ Robert C. White, DC Councilmember At-Large


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