Amy Hall, Wilson High School PTSO Co-President, Janney Parent, Commissioner ANC 3E02

"Ruth and Mary Cheh have been tireless advocates helping to secure funding for education in Ward 3 in the face of decreasing budgets. Equally important has been her work bringing transparency to a very opaque DCPS system. You can count on them to represent our families, deftly navigating the myriad of issues facing public schools today. Ruth is pragmatic, dynamic, and motivated and it shows in the results she achieves." 


Mary Cheh Ward 3 Councilmember

Councilmember Mary Cheh has served on the Council of the District of Columbia since 2007 and has championed legislation to protect the environment, improve the health of District residents, and fight for good government.

"Ruth is a great partner in advocating for solutions to overcrowding and budget shortfalls in Ward 3 and improving schools citywide. She knows education policy and our local schools backwards and forwards. She is a relentless advocate and a great ally for all of us who care about our schools."


Robert C. White Councilmember At-Large

Robert C. White, Jr. is an At-Large Member of the Council of the District of Columbia. In the community, Robert works hard as an advocate for strong communities and efficient government.

“Ruth is an education advocate who never compromises on the best interest of our kids. She has been a leader on the State Board of Education from day one. Few officials in the city engage parents and keep constituents informed the way Ruth does. I am proud to support her re-election.”


Jonathan McHughANC Commissioner 3E05

Wilson High School PTSO Member/Former Janney ES PTA Co-President

"I've known and worked with Ruth for many years now and don't think I've met someone who is as committed and dedicated to the success of DC education and its students. Couple that determination with the skills, knowledge, energy and ability to work with a wide range of views and Ruth stands as the exemplar of what a State Board of Education Member should be. She's been a tireless advocate for Ward 3, as well the DC education system in general, and has spearheaded several impactful educational initiatives, chief among them the Educational Research Collaborative that will provide much needed insights into DC educational data and results. I strongly support allowing Ruth to continue this work by reelecting her for another term."

Matt Frumin, Education Advocate

"Ruth is an effective advocate for Ward 3 schools—out front in the search for solutions to overcrowding and for fair and transparent school budgets. Citywide, she has embraced the need for hardheaded assessments of what in education is working and what is not in order get the city and school system out of the political rut of self-congratulations that ill serves our students, families, communities and taxpayers. We all need Ruth on the State Board of Education!"


Joe Weedon, Ward 6 Representative, DC State Board of Education

"Ruth is a leader who understands the challenges that our school communities face. She believes in transparency & accountability and works tirelessly to ensure all students get a well-rounded education. I’m proud to work with her and to support her re-election."


Markus Batchelor, Ward 8 Representative, State Board of Education Member

“I’m proud to support Ruth Wattenberg for re-election to the State Board Education. Ruth is a reliable champion for fulfilling the true promise of public education and a fierce fighter for transparency and accountability. Ruth is an indispensable voice that gets results for schools and families in Ward 3 and across the city.”


Michael Sriqui, Member Key LSAT and ANC Commissioner

"Why is Ruth Wattenberg such an asset on the School Board?  Because she actually understands education policy!  She knows the system, top to bottom.  Ruth stands up for schools that aren't held back by a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching and learning. And she stands up for students by demanding learning environments that provide more than just test prep.  We're fortunate to have her knowledge and independence in our corner."    


Bethany Nickerson, Wilson LSAT Chair 2016-17

"Ruth Wattenberg cares and works tirelessly in support of public education. I support Ruth Wattenberg for re-election as Ward 3’s representative to the DC State Board of Education!"


Natalie Wexler,  senior contributor to Forbes.com and author of The Knowledge Gap (forthcoming 2019)

"Ruth Wattenberg brings to the State Board of Education the experience, knowledge, common sense, and dedication that DC needs right now to ensure that our school system lives up to the promises we've made to students and their families. She understands the need for a rich curriculum at all grade levels, respect for parent and teacher voices, She's accomplished an enormous amount in her first term and is poised to accomplish even more in her second."


Hernan Abelado, Oyster-Adams, LSAT member, 2014-18

"Ruth is a knowledgeable advocate of evidence-based policies to improve DC public schools and better serve our students. She regularly reaches out to Ward 3 schools to inform on issues at stake and receive community feedback. Ruth is an outstanding member of the State Board of Education and I strongly support her reelection."


Ed Dieterle, Eaton LSAT chair, 2012-16; member, 2011-12; and educational researcher

"Ruth is a motivated, results-oriented, and dynamic education leader with proven expertise building trust and community among parents, educators, and elected officials on behalf of Ward 3. She is a champion of DC students, educators, and parents, whoregularly demonstrates her willingness to work tirelessly on their behalf so that all DC students receive a world-class education and are ready for success in school and life."


Jennie Dieterle, Treasurer Eaton HSA, 2013-16; HSA Co-President, 2016-17

"Ruth is pragmatic and consensus-driven in her advocacy for Ward 3 schools. I have appreciated her tireless efforts learning about individual schools and families as well as the overall system, so she can work toward solutions that serve the needs of students across the District."



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